Saturday, December 25, 2010

You are the most important person in your life

You know what; you are the most important person in your life. This is a sentence commonly heard by many of us. It is so powerful yet so simple and easy to understand. Once we really understand it we can change everything in our life by just saying this sentence in mind. When we make it works for us, it will change our life.

I don't know about many but yes I must acknowledge that it surly changed my life. I must not say it's done in one big leap, slowly and gradually revealed energy and power. I realized that it is only me who will be effected with what so ever will happen in my life. We are always taking advices from our relatives and friends around us, I am not saying it is wrong. But yes when it comes to decision than it should be only yours. We need to trust our own decisions, no one is more qualified than yourself to know what is best for you.

Learn to use your mind powers, it will be best for you and your loved ones too. I have piece of song lyrics to share with you.

You're the most important person in your life
You'll be there with you through stress and strive

When things go wrong and you've unturned every stone

That helping hand you are looking for, you'll find it is your own

Hope all of you have lovely weekend,
Love ya all..


  1. you are right... no one is better qualified to take decisions for us... because only we know ourselves the best!

    nice post dear!!

  2. Yeah I know...No one can be my best companion other than myself.
    well written dear :)

  3. Yes riya we are the best companions of our own self. Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. As far as taking decisions is concerned I agree, one's own self is the only qualified person.

    BUT I disagree with the statement that the most important person in my life is me. At times, even a decision that is best for me may still not be the right one.

  5. good one :)
    but tmme how to learn using our mind power ?

  6. @Nomi Hmm u talking about different things. U r the most important person in ur life, it is true enough. Ya the decisions can be right or wrong :)

    @aemi Just believe in ur ownself, have faith in ur abilities and u will learn at ur own :)

  7. Aemi thanks for dropping by :)


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