Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Byes !!

I have had the experience of driving in thick foggy morning today. The roads were all covered with fog and the road lights were adding flavor to it. For a moment I was lost in pretty awesome morning and put off my feet from race to lesser down car speed. My body asked for a coffee mug but none of the coffee shops were opened that much early. Well all the way driving to airport. YES, I went to see off a very close friend of mine. It was not the first time I went to see off someone rather I must say I am habitual of doing it every two months or so. Surprised? Yes my dad used to visit us after every two months.

I just had a feeling that goodbyes are always difficult and one of the worst things in life. Suddenly we are overwhelmed with the thought that might be its the last goodbye and after this we will never meet, might be some strange things will happen or what else. Ahhh, I am not at all good at goodbyes. I like people around , I am depressed when I am alone.

Goodbyes are only hard for me or difficult for you too ?

More Later,


  1. Good byes are difficult for me too. I'm such a cry baby. I hate, absolutely hate letting go. But then, that was one of the major things that made me more mature,,, especially when I left my parents' home and said "good bye" to them in a way. it was the most difficult time... but it made me and my faith stronger

  2. I agree but beside that i am also of the point that y we had a feeling that things will turn out wrong or other way :( But its true that it make u strong.


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