Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where are the winters gone...

I have nothing specific to write about, in fact I have no idea what to do. I am sitting in office with no major work to do, just repeating one line in mind "Where are the winters gone.."

Does anyone remember the winters of Lahore back 6 years ? Oops this question was meant for those who visited Lahore or reside here. Winters were freaky awesome that time. Now its December and no sign of winters till now. Ya I agree with those who say weather has changed but still my point is winters haven't arrived yet. I have had already planned lot of things which I gonna carry out on thick foggy day. You are trying to catch up my mind about my plans ? Nah, those are quite MINE and I am not gonna tell before the day arrive :P

Wishing Tuesday turns Friday *sigh*


  1. i miss winter too and i just love fog!! :)

  2. Me too hon, i am craving for it so badly :(

  3. hmm Bheega Bheega december :P:P

  4. Do we live in the same world ??

    i mean the world is having harsh winters of their recent history but the pakis in general and lahorites in particular are craving for it ..

    Seems like a trip to northern areas is the only solution..

  5. Finally some thick fog ....

    Now go out and enjoy and do what ever you planned to do :)


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