Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Health is not valued till sickness comes

Morning Sunshine ! I can't tell how irritating my throat is since Monday morning. Now it's Tuesday and I am all down. I couldn't take a day off either as yesterday I went home some 2 hours early than normal. This crap throat always give me a tough time, I always do all the medication but still could not get out of this :-( I am making an unsuccessful attempt to work. I wish I could do something to come out of this as soon as possible.

While I'm sick I realize that we are blessed with such great health. We are having everything working in order and we hardly thank GOD, we don't pray often. By the moment we are victim of some disease or some bad happening we turn to HIM and ask his forgiveness. Can't we make it a habit to thank our Almighty for the best health he bestowed us ? I am offended now, I will make it a habit to pray more often and will be thankful to every single blessing I'm blessed with.

P.S. The weather is rough and wild, take care of yourself and stay warm

See you,


  1. take care of yourself dear... and yes you are right... we are so selfish :(

  2. yaar u shud go bk to home instead of working ... $::

  3. Mehr yeah m doing proper medication, need prayers though

    Aish yar this work is crap, I can't run away from work :(

  4. Take care of yourself..You will be fine soon :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by riya :)

  6. :) well, i know someone who had a viral fever for 6 weeks, n lost 10 kgs!!

  7. i hope you are feeling better now =)

  8. Jane i don't wanna loose weight :P M quite better now, had bad fever for two days.
    Humaira thanks for dropping by,,


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