Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh dresses !!

I am going to admit one thing today. I have dresses addiction. Yeah, it is true. I don't have any idea since how long I am addicted to this lovely addiction but I loved it from all my heart. I got a huge collection of dresses and every time I am done with shopping I promise myself not to have another dress in near future. But seriously, whenever I go out to shop something I start noticing which dress is classic, which color I don't have yet (Asking myself if I didn't had any color :P ) Eventually I end up convincing myself, Iqi you are having many shades of pink but the one in display is different from all of them, the trouser is awesome and you must try it out once, oh remember you had pair of shoes other day they will go outclass with this dress. Finally, the result is a new dress and new charm to wear it *smiles wide*. I am of the view all the girls are addicted to shopping in some way or other.

What's your favorite thing to shop ? When you had shopped last time ? :-)

Ikra (: 


  1. I believe the correct word is "Shopoholic" :P

  2. Ya i was using the same logic at back end :P Used different words though

  3. hehe same like me .. i ve so many dresses and mostly pink khekhe..
    im the biggest shopping freak .. love to shop random things and cz im a girl so ofcourse dresses are my first option .. yayy

  4. u should read "confessions of a shopholic"..
    dont worry... i need to grab a copy too :D :D


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