Monday, February 28, 2011

Fire Within

I believe my fate, I believe my destiny. You believe my belief and nothing can come between us. It seems dark, cold and freezing right now but we are going to see the light soon. Don't search me around, look within your heart and your sight will capture me. I pray to above that this fire which is ignited burns forever, we are here to start fires for now and forever.

I'm so sure this fire burning within us will melt the white snow.

Friday, February 25, 2011

10, 9, 8 And then ...

Your whole life is about to change in few minutes and it will never be the same again. What will be the best good bye to that life ?

Happy Weekend,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Start Living Life

I lost some of my friends at different time of years, my girlies whom I know from long time. I don't know how and why they gave up but yes the did. I've heard everyone saying life is what you make it. Well, how true it is depends on how you deal with all that mess in your life. Time will come when everything will be messed up but you've to decide how you are going to mess it. I can truly say that girl will be your friends always as I myself have had experienced it. Some people will come into life and some will go, and the one who stay with you through every thick and thin are the true diamonds. Make sure you don't let go of those diamonds. As for lovers, well they will come and go too, but I hate to say it, pretty much all of them are going to break your heart. But babe don't give up, Guess what if you'll give up how come you'll find your soul mate *wink* Just because you failed once doesn't mean you are going to fail every time. Keep trying and never let it go, believe in yourself because if you don't, then who will, Lovely ? 

So, keep your head high, your chin up and keep smiling because life is granted once, it's beautiful and there is so much to smile about. Always find a reason to smile and life will be beautiful.

Blessed Night,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What hurts, love or loneliness ?

I have heard so many people saying love hurts. Is that true ? I don't agree. Peep into reality and think what hurts more. It's the loneliness that hurts, loosing someone that hurts, envy hurts. But not that love. I have been thinking about this for so long and what I realized is, LOVE is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pains you are facing, it makes you feel happy, makes you feel wonderful again.

In life small things matters. Jack writing : I still remember the day you leaned your head on my shoulder. Your eyes were closed, your hairs were swinging over your eyes. I touched your face and brushed  hairs out of your eyes. The steering in my hand turns. Oh, how I wished I'd stay in that moment forever and ever. I never saw such a sleeping beauty ever in life..

Happy Blogging,
Iqra :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food without borders

Mmmmmmmm CHOCOLATE - Here it goes, a food without borders.

Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is ;-)

Cm'on guys which one you wanna grab ?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Memories cause love

Once there was a boy, lost in the memories of her girl. Talking to the nature and everything around because this time they were the one to listen him...

YOU the star lit sky twinkling above, Can you see the extent I miss my love ? Her gentle way, her voice dear to me all make my heart ache in her distant memory. 

YOU the sun in the sky as you warm the day, do you know my love is far away? As I think of her I miss her presence around, as I ache for her I want her so much. 

I am going to ask this heart, Oh heart of mine aching within; Will you know her tenderness once again? Shall she speak my name gently as before? Or is she gone forever?

Dearest one so far away can you sense my love upon this day? I have seen the star lit sky twinkling above, I have known the warmth of the sun too, YET they pale in the beauty of your sweet smile and sparkling eyes. 

I believe one thing I will remain lost in love until we meet again..

Till next time,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow ~ The magical event

So finally it's snowing for the first time since I'm here. I'm so excited about it :) I'm struck at how incredibly beautiful the snow is. All the trees which I can see around are covered in a stunning layer of fluffy snow. Personally the most catchy thing for me is the magical transformation of everything that snow brings. I can see the whiteness all around and then the street lights which is pouring light on this whiteness making it more beautiful. I read somewhere that when snow falls, nature listens. Isn't that true enough, nature is silent now. Snow is the master of it for this time. I wish to make some snowmen but the bone freezing cold will not allow me :)

Do you love snow ? What are your favorite snow activities?

Happy weekend to all,
Till next time ~ Iqra

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stars make me smile

"People have stars but they are not the same. For travelers, the stars are guides. For other people they are nothing but tiny lights. And for still others, the are problems. For my businessman, they were gold. But all those stars are silent stars. You, though, you will have stars like nobody else"

"What do you mean?"

"When you look up at the sky at night, since I will be living on one of them, since I will be laughing on one of them, for you, it'll be as if all the stars are laughing. You will ave stars that can laugh"

And he laughed again..

"And when you're consoled, you'll be glad you've known me. You will be always my friend. You will feel like laughing with me, and you will open your windows sometimes just for the fun of it. And your friends will be amazed to see you laughing while you are looking up at the sky. Then you will tell them, YES it's the stars. They always make me laugh"

-- The Little Prince 

All of us should find something or someone in our lives that lights up our heart and makes us laugh. Is there something or someone that bring your eyes from tears to laughter ? Share with me.

Happy Blogging :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Decisions make STORIES

"Do you love me ?" Jennie asked.
Jack thought for a while. "Yes I do with all my heart"

"Even if it means never seeing me again for couple of years?" Jennie persisted
"It doesn't matter for me, not seeing you again in couple of years or so", said Jack. "I guess not a single moment will pass when thoughts of you will not hit my mind. We'll have thoughts and feelings of each other. We can think about them and we'll again fall in love"

"I know how it feels when you miss someone when he is not around. But I'm so sure of one thing we'll meet soon and this time without you is a tough exam. I'm gonna pass this time successfully" Jennie replied peacefully !

What's your story ?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dance Baby

It is raining over here. I went outside and came back, didn't have the heart to go alone outside and walk alone. I wish someone could be there with me to enjoy these droplets of rain. Few things in life always bring happiness on our faces like, the sunshine after cloudy days, the baby's first smile, the smile of your parents when they are happy, the smile you have when you're with your friends. For me the first drops of rain always bring a huge smile on my face. Everything around turns beautiful, the smell of wet soil, the damp grass which when walked barefooted gave internal soothing, the water under feet make us to dance. Oh I'm so lovin it, rain always make my heart go romantic and romantic :-)

Have you ever danced in the rain, how that feels ? I'd suggest if you are with your sweetheart and it rains, just hold her hand and walk in the rain, dance with her while the clouds play cupid.

Have a blessed night,

Oh yeah, My first award

Yay yay I'm dancing. Oh yeah, I received first award from a blogger friend of mine :-) Thank you so much Neeha

Yes I'm so happy *Smiles Wide*. I will be catching you guys later on. Have fun. 

Love ya all,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knock Knock, I'm here

Hello everybody :)

Knock Knock. Oh I know its long time since I last posted, but I must tell you guys I was and I am extremely busy now a days. I am going to confess one thing and it is I missed blogging a lot. It seems like ages I last wrote anything. I am not promising that I will be up with my presence but yeah I will try nuts to make it possible over here. Because now writing seems a passion to me. All I am lacking is finding some time, and no time even for my own self :( Studies after two years gap is bit difficult I guess. I am not that bookworm who is always after studies and I guess that's why it bothers me a lot, hahahah.

The Iceland is giving me tough time, it was like -11 in last days and my blood was freezing. Don't worry I am alright and so I'm here. Like others I also like snow but when the temperature goes down it acts like slow poison. Today on way back I was thinking we can fight with our friends, our love. But how come we can fight with nature and weather ? It's a great metaphor of life, at times it's good, at times it's bad and all we've to do is to cope with it. Right now I am enjoying it a lot. I can see outside, the sky is dark and gloomy, I can sense the cold breeze which is making noise around, the streets are wet and sloppy, the smoke from chimney's is going up and the rain is coming down slowly, the grounds are still covered with the white snow which poured last week. It is all so pleasant BUT its all pleasant when you are sitting inside with heating on, can't imagine to stay outside and enjoy this awesome weather :P

How's the weather at your side ? Hope to catch you up regularly :) 

Happy Blogging,