Friday, February 18, 2011

Memories cause love

Once there was a boy, lost in the memories of her girl. Talking to the nature and everything around because this time they were the one to listen him...

YOU the star lit sky twinkling above, Can you see the extent I miss my love ? Her gentle way, her voice dear to me all make my heart ache in her distant memory. 

YOU the sun in the sky as you warm the day, do you know my love is far away? As I think of her I miss her presence around, as I ache for her I want her so much. 

I am going to ask this heart, Oh heart of mine aching within; Will you know her tenderness once again? Shall she speak my name gently as before? Or is she gone forever?

Dearest one so far away can you sense my love upon this day? I have seen the star lit sky twinkling above, I have known the warmth of the sun too, YET they pale in the beauty of your sweet smile and sparkling eyes. 

I believe one thing I will remain lost in love until we meet again..

Till next time,


  1. Such a heart felt post Iqra... I wish you all the happiness in life, Ameen


    miss you!!!!

  2. i believe same.. i wish u get all .. very soon iA :)
    cheers :)

  3. Insha'ALLAH Soon You'll Get What ALLAH Has Kept Best Only For You :)
    Stay Blessed!

  4. @WarmSunshine Thanks lovely, Miss you too :) xx

  5. @AW Thanks Emo Girl :) Love ya xx

  6. @Wasif INSHALLAH. Thanks for dropping by :)


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