Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knock Knock, I'm here

Hello everybody :)

Knock Knock. Oh I know its long time since I last posted, but I must tell you guys I was and I am extremely busy now a days. I am going to confess one thing and it is I missed blogging a lot. It seems like ages I last wrote anything. I am not promising that I will be up with my presence but yeah I will try nuts to make it possible over here. Because now writing seems a passion to me. All I am lacking is finding some time, and no time even for my own self :( Studies after two years gap is bit difficult I guess. I am not that bookworm who is always after studies and I guess that's why it bothers me a lot, hahahah.

The Iceland is giving me tough time, it was like -11 in last days and my blood was freezing. Don't worry I am alright and so I'm here. Like others I also like snow but when the temperature goes down it acts like slow poison. Today on way back I was thinking we can fight with our friends, our love. But how come we can fight with nature and weather ? It's a great metaphor of life, at times it's good, at times it's bad and all we've to do is to cope with it. Right now I am enjoying it a lot. I can see outside, the sky is dark and gloomy, I can sense the cold breeze which is making noise around, the streets are wet and sloppy, the smoke from chimney's is going up and the rain is coming down slowly, the grounds are still covered with the white snow which poured last week. It is all so pleasant BUT its all pleasant when you are sitting inside with heating on, can't imagine to stay outside and enjoy this awesome weather :P

How's the weather at your side ? Hope to catch you up regularly :) 

Happy Blogging,


  1. It's same here too.
    N go to design - > ADD A GADGET -> PICTURE
    Then upload the pic..
    That''s it,so easy:)

  2. it's great to see your blog post... finally!!!

    and whats this about uploading a photo?

    we want more posts from you soon :)

  3. @Neeha, I'm done catch it now :)

  4. @WarmSunshine Thanks honey, I will be uploading some pics soon :) xx


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