Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dance Baby

It is raining over here. I went outside and came back, didn't have the heart to go alone outside and walk alone. I wish someone could be there with me to enjoy these droplets of rain. Few things in life always bring happiness on our faces like, the sunshine after cloudy days, the baby's first smile, the smile of your parents when they are happy, the smile you have when you're with your friends. For me the first drops of rain always bring a huge smile on my face. Everything around turns beautiful, the smell of wet soil, the damp grass which when walked barefooted gave internal soothing, the water under feet make us to dance. Oh I'm so lovin it, rain always make my heart go romantic and romantic :-)

Have you ever danced in the rain, how that feels ? I'd suggest if you are with your sweetheart and it rains, just hold her hand and walk in the rain, dance with her while the clouds play cupid.

Have a blessed night,


  1. i always feel like cryin' when it rains .. idk why .. im sucha emo kid lol .. islie i never went out in rain .. but yea I LOVEE it if i play loud music when it's raining ..

    it's raining raining wooo baby it's raining raining .. come into me :$ :p rihanna :p

  2. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


  3. @AW Aww sweety its ok :) But try out dancing in rain, you will enjoy :) xx

  4. @Serentha thanks for dropping by, I will surly pay a visit to your blog. Be blessed :)

  5. a good amalgam of posts.. making it a readers delight.. keep blogging

  6. @Neeha yeah it was lovely yesterday :) xx

  7. @Rachit thanks for dropping by for 1st time. Hope to make it worth reading for you in future as well :)


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