Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow ~ The magical event

So finally it's snowing for the first time since I'm here. I'm so excited about it :) I'm struck at how incredibly beautiful the snow is. All the trees which I can see around are covered in a stunning layer of fluffy snow. Personally the most catchy thing for me is the magical transformation of everything that snow brings. I can see the whiteness all around and then the street lights which is pouring light on this whiteness making it more beautiful. I read somewhere that when snow falls, nature listens. Isn't that true enough, nature is silent now. Snow is the master of it for this time. I wish to make some snowmen but the bone freezing cold will not allow me :)

Do you love snow ? What are your favorite snow activities?

Happy weekend to all,
Till next time ~ Iqra

1 comment:

  1. i happened to enjoy the snow only once in my life... the best thing about snow is um um um that it looks like the time is frozen :)


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