Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thoughts of Thursday

Hello all, the skype is fizzled and I am in peace. I was off from blogging yesterday and reasons were some work, some home tasks. Testing server is down and I am here with some thoughts which crossed my mind.

1. I love that it is Thursday then Friday and then weekend is here, yay yay.

2. I love that it was dense fog today and so it would increase in couple of days. I love the fog especially in Lahore.

3. I love that on next Thursday i will be doing some preparations for Friday because that would be 31st December. I am planning to say goodbye to 2010 in a good way and let the light of 2011 touch my life.

4. I love that i am getting new ideas about my blog and i like when you guys appreciate my writings.

5. I love that I can laugh at myself. Oh yes, not everyone can laugh on her/himself but yes I can make it by just looking a picture of mine :P

6. I love that when I truly want something it doesn't matter what stands in my way, it's going to happen.

7. I love the fact that I can get up early in morning. YES, not everyone can make it waking up early especially in winters. But I do it with all my heart.

I can write more and more, but my PC is showing some attitude and I don't want to waste this work by waiting for windows to crash.

Love ya all, keep shining :)

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  1. oh wow... what a happy post :)

    now that's the inspiration i was looking for all day... u should've posted this earlier ;)


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