Sunday, December 12, 2010

Together we're perfect

Sunday Evening... Wished to go somewhere out but then left the idea because I thought to write some words about Love. Hmmm not as easy task because this one word encapsulates whole universe. So here it goes for you MY LOVE !

My Love,

When we talk everything is straight forward clean, I like laughing with you, there are butterflies in my tummy. I look at you and have to look away and look back again..

When we are together laughing and talking about everything it really makes me feel that I could stay there forever just to listen to you..

When you are beside me and I am sad and fearful about unknown happenings your one hug make me realize that everything is OK..

When we were apart I was not certain of anything in my life like I' m certain of us. I feel like I am walking over clouds just thinking about you..



  1. oh wow Iqi!!!

    just an honest and from-the-heart post :)

    i love love love this one!!



  2. In the morning
    When I rise
    You are the first thing on my mind

    And in the middle of the night
    I feel your heartbeat next to mine

    It feels like a dream when you love me tenderly

    I don't know if you're for real

    But I like the way I feel inside

    Courtesy:Maria Carey

    nice work Iqra:)

  3. Thanks Ans, Muz :)
    Mehr thanks alot for wonderful words. I really need your encouragement at every step coz i m new to blogging :)


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