Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

Saturday, December 18, 2010.. The new year is on its way and countdown is started, might be not many of you are that much anxiously waiting for 2011 to begin. Things are different at my end . Countdown has begun and I am all set to welcome 2011.

Yesterday evening was quite good, I went out with family to have some coffee. There was fog all around and darkness of night was adding flavor to it. Before going out I was feeling quite dull, but thanks a bunch to my lovely bro who made the plan and we went out. At that moment I realized that we need to find happiness at our own, there is happiness in things all around. Happiness is in air and we just need to grab it. Sometimes we feel like sitting with family, at some later point we feel like enjoying with friends, both add to happiness. Well, that's one side of story. I came back and was quite fresh, after weeks or might be after months I saw a movie too *Though am not into watching movies*

I slept till 11.30pm but I was awake at 2.30am. Ahh from many days my sleep is disturbed, factors are unknown yet. Well, that time I started thinking about 2011. Yes it is a very important year in my life, many major plans are going to accomplish as it say inshALLAH :-) I have had everything planned in my mind from day 1 till day 365. I am much more confident about future now and and I have strong belief that everything will fall in its right place at RIGHT TIME. I am feeling good today, I am feeling fresh. I am so sure that happiness is all set for me in the upcoming years.

Have a great and happy weekend ahead, love ya loads :-)



  1. :D Yes Yes ... Big plans for 2011. Starting from the new year eve ;)

  2. I wish you all the best for 2011. And I'll miss you :( *sniff sniff*

    Glad to know that you are happy. *hugs*

    Keep shining!!! <3

  3. Oh, mehr i will b with u hon. Be happy :) muah


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