Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I don't care anymore..

It is strange that such moments comes in life when someone is so closer to you. You care for him all the way, you share everything with him, he is the one whom you want to tell every news and every happening of life. Then suddenly something happened and....

** I used to take care of him all the way I can, knowing each and everything about him and doing everything which he likes. But now NO MORE.

** I used to talk him about each and every happening of life, whatever has happened at home, university or office. But now NO MORE.

I know him too well all he has to do is look at me and I used to get what he wanna say. But now NO MORE.

** Miles away we were but we always know every single detail about each other. But now NO MORE.

** Talking him and letting him know my discomforts was a relief. But now NO MORE.

Why things like this happen ? It doesn't matter to me either he is doing good, he ate, he slept. And I literally enjoy this state, I am enjoying everything in life. I am enjoying what I am now. I feel so good writing this all. EVERYTHING IS OK :-)



  1. congrats!!!

    it's about time we girls realized how much capable we are emotionally... if a girl can love, then she can forget also.

    im glad you're being a brave girl... *hugs*

  2. thats the spirit towards life .. love u hun .. be strong we are here <3

  3. Yes m so strong now :) I have faith that ething will be good NEXT :* xx

  4. So good to know tht u cud overcome this. U r a strong gurl!! :)

  5. Thanks Ria, so finally today u read. I was expecting u from many days :) xx

  6. theres no lookin back in life ..except for identifying your mistakes :)

  7. :) dun worry about anything...
    have fun :)


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