Friday, May 6, 2011

Smile its Friday

So finally we are hitting the weekend. Everyone is going to have a rest from tiring week. Now days no one is free, no one can say that week was just chilled or so on. I wish all days could be as generous as Friday's are :) Lately I was thinking we all have lost so much of us in this world. Every day we loose some portion of us, some good things of us, some bad things of us. What I feel is we lost so much and gain less. I don't know how much I am correct in saying this. Should not we think as what we need to get back in our lives ? When I think this way I have a long wishlist which goes on and on. Are there anythings you guys need back in your life ? If so, share with me. I'd love to read them :)

I have been boring for the longest time which is not working well at all. We should enjoy the beauties of life, no matter how down you or me are. Ahh, I am trying and trying. I need to go and relax at some peaceful place, I won't mind some water and sun though. "Dear God, take all these worrying thoughts off my mind till Monday"
 Have a relaxing weekend all of you !

Take care,


  1. weekend ends on Friday here in Muscat. So for me, it's start of the week again from tomorrow :( What a bummer!!

    keep smiling girl! xoxo!

  2. yayyy :P The weekend's here. :D
    Not that it matters much to people who've taken a year off from all activities ... but I'd still like to rejoice with you.

  3. @WarmSunshine, Oh that's opposite :) You too love :) xx

  4. @Felicity yeah girl lets enjoy. I'm being so bored :-/ x x

  5. well well nice post superb....!! enjoy your day.....!!

  6. @Vish Thanks and here hoping you are having good day :)


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