Friday, May 6, 2011

Love being WOMAN

Hello beautiful ladies,

I love you all out there :) I am here to say few words which might make you think in different direction. Many of us think that we are not gorgeous, smart and other insecurities like this. Don't ever think that you have to settle with someone because he might be someone in long time to show some interest in you. I believe and I am sure that there is going to be someone who will truly love you for YOU. Girls are always beautiful in their individual ways and I love being woman :) 

Because I am soft and have long and silky hairs :P

Because I have been given an honor to give birth to another life.

Because I can tolerate utmost pain and hardships and I am stronger.

Because I can multitask, can manage a home and beside that have a career too.

Because I can be Dad's princess and Hubby's queen.

It's awesome. marvelous to be a woman. I heart it :)

Love ya all,


  1. I really needed to read something like this. Good post.

  2. three cheers for GIRL POWA!!! <3 ^_^

  3. @Felicity hope your spirits are high now :) x

  4. @WarmSunshine Love you girl :) xo xo

  5. @Humaira V ?? Couldn't understand :P x


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