Saturday, May 7, 2011

MAY - Please be good to me

May 2010 - May 2011 one whole year is passed. I am at new place, new people, new places. Though I feel quite comfortable and happy that my life is taking the path it's supposed to be. But I am facing May with same situation with no employment to speak of.

Well, its said go where you can get best of things for yourself. I'm happy with my decision, I feel good, I'm exploring a new country, new city. I'm enjoying just being me. I know it seems tough when you are unemployed but I know I'll find a job eventually which will pay off all tough times.

SO might be where I am right now is where I'm supposed to be !

Hope you all had a great weekend behind you :)


  1. I'm sure May will be good to you insha'Allah :)

    Love you hun! xx!

  2. @WarmSunshine Need prayers love. I need lots of goodness this month :) x x

  3. "Springtime; Lovetime, May!"
    Nelson Eddy got it right!

  4. may the flowers be always in bloom :)

  5. all the best dear n hope u get the stars right in ur pocket, hope u dont hv to wait fr long, nywaz exloring a new country is altogethr a new experience n n do share if u find sumthn interesting


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