Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby you're a firework, come on show them what you're worth

May be you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect world
Like a lightening bolt, your heart will blow
And when it's time, you'll know

This song is such an inspiration for me. I never heard this because it was in the hot billboard charts but because of the amazing lyrics. I've heard this some more than 100 times and it always gave me a new inspiration. 

I believe everyone can be a firework, it's all about igniting the spark inside you. It's how you think about your goals and make them happen. "Do you know that there's still a chance for you, cause there is a spark in you ? You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine. Cause baby you're a firework, C'mon show them what you're worth"

Are you having any inspiration in life that let you going ?
Keep Smiling,


  1. I love this song. And inspiration always comes from within :) We are all beautiful. All we need to know is that we are worth all that we dream for :)

  2. @Warmsunshine you are very right that inspiration always comes from within.We just need to trust ourselves :) x

  3. I'm not a Katy Perry fan but I think the song's amazing.

  4. @Felicity yeah the lyrics of this song are wonderful x

  5. Hmm.. To be honest, I never really liked the song when Katy Perry sang it.. but GLEE changed my mind. haha.. Rachel sang this song on a GLEE episode and I was just blown away. I have nothing against Katy.. and the lyrics of the song is great. But I think it was Rachel's singing that made me like the song. Hehe..Yeah, I'm a certified GLEEK.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Iqra. :)

  6. fireworks r shortlived but ya, the spark is sometimes required..:)


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