Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dedicated to boys

I was watching a video clip and it made me laugh like crazy. A couple was shown sitting on bench and boy didn't left any stones unturned to make her girl smile and tell him actually what had happened. But girls are girls indeed. You will never be able to know what actually had happened, and if something has really happened or not *Smiles* Girls are like this, Dad's princess and Hubby's queen. I can't stop myself sharing some of the common sentences said by boys and their replies from girls side :P Enjoy it ;

Relax honey and tell me what happened: Who you are to tell me to relax han ? You have no idea why i am upset and from which situation i am coming out. Even if you were with me that time, you won't be able to get what i am suffering. So stop saying me relax.. Poor boy thinking what to say now.

Everything gonna be alright, believe me: Ya you just have these words to say, never thought of how everything would be fine at my end. And don't bother to ask now that what had happened, because now the time is gone.. Poor boy thinking what happened and how come she gonna tell me so that i can help her.

Sweety i love you: Ya after all what had happened you just have the words i love you and thinking that you have done the best. So now everything gonna be fine just like movies? But mind it we are not actors of movie, come to some real world.. .. Aahh :-( What to do now.

Sorry, it was all my fault: Listen your sorry does not work with me. Saying everything and then just getting away with SORRY, IT WAS ALL MY FAULT. Do you actually think i will let you go away like this ? :-( Gosshh what is my mistake and what i have done, why i am saying sorry.. yuukkkhhh 

I am not going to write more of them because I guess boys know all of that:P Loollz



  1. @Felicity yeah indeed :D x

  2. ... and to think that all my life I have activetively tried not to be THAT girl :)

  3. @Reenie Girls like THAT are nuts :P Thanks for dropping by X

  4. got that lesson & feeling sad for that dude :D

  5. Ugh...girls can be biotches at times.
    A reason why I wish I was a guy.

  6. @zahidhasni Sad for one or for all boys ? :P

  7. @Beyond Timid Baby you don't need to wish such things, you will get through it :) Thanks for dropping by x

  8. hahahah loved it... aisa hi jawab dena chahye :P hehehe

    how are you girl? miss u loads! mwah!

  9. @WarmSunshine hahahaha girl was trying to get on nerves :P I'm fine, miss you too sweety :) x


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