Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh, the revolving mind

Many of us has experienced that their life has taken an unexpected turn. All of sudden everything change, perspective change, people change, the paths to destination change and head starts spinning. I don't know if it happens with all of you or I am the only one facing this situation.

I think about the girl I used to be, then I think about the girl I want to be. Why I can't end up thinking kind of girl I'd be. People changed me like they change anyone else. Sometimes people change us for good and sometimes for bad. And finally we say "It's life, it always take turns, it's bad and good at the same time". Sometimes one person alone leads you to bushes or to the wonderful meadows.

I know soon things will be as they should be. So I am high on this, taking on fresh courage and soon I will have a brand new tale saying All is Well, All is Well !

Have a high weekend,


  1. "Sometimes one person alone leads you to bushes or to the wonderful meadows."

    So true.

  2. Yeah it is. I need the inspiration girl. You write something :) x


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