Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You know it's love

She is sitting at a distance of few feet. I can still smell her sweet fragrance, I don't know why I always want her all to me. Yes, I admit we are good friends, we talk about everything. But I felt something for her, something which is more than just friendship, something which make me wish for her again and again. When she talk me I'm always lost in her eyes. Right now, she is talking to her friend. She is smiling, her eyes sparking. I am lost in that day, she was smiling like this, her eyes were full of life and full of shine, I wished for her, I wished for her smile, I wished for everything she had. I started spending time with her, I conveyed my feelings indirectly because I was scared she could get mad at me. Now I know I can't live without her, and now as I know this I want her answer. I can't sit here looking her. I'm unable to do anything, only I know how restless I'm. Somewhere there in heart I'm afraid she will say me NO, she will turn back. Though at times I felt same feelings from her side too but, I can't stop asking her. I need an answer and I need a positive answer because I know together we're perfect. OK, I am gonna ask her. I'm walking towards her, my heartbeat is fast. I sat beside her and I looked into her eyes. She gave me same smile, I am looking deep into her eyes. She is now confused, her eyes asking me as what had happened. I replied nothing. NOTHING ! What's this , why nothing, Man you need to ask her, you need to ask her the very moment. My heart saying say it, mind distracting me. I holds her hand gently into mine;

"I know we are good friends but I felt something different for you. I felt something more than just friendship, I don't know either you felt it or not. But yes I'm into it, I'm all in love with you, life wouldn't be same without you by my side. I need an answer from your side, do you felt the same about me, tell me if you love anything about me?"

She took her hand back, got up and started walking. I'm sitting there hopeless, I'm so sure I lost her. My head is down and I'm looking my feet. Suddenly I felt her fragrance around, she is back, she is sitting beside me. I'm all set to listen the end of everything about us, she started speaking;

"I felt that my expressions are always enough for you. But now as you asked me if I love anything about you, I need to tell you. I love so much about you that it is hard to pick just a couple of things out. I love the way you look at me, I love the way you smile seeing me smiling, I love when you upset me sometimes and you try to make it better, I cherish every moment I had with you, when we are together I wish I could stop that time and live in that moment forever, I can't stand to be without you for a single second, a thousand more words like this could not express the feelings I have inside for you. You are my charming Prince and I am your devoted Princess"

P.S. I wrote first time about fiction, hope you'll enjoy.

Cheers :-)


  1. sweetness ..
    you are my prince charming and im your devoted princess , from now my life starts with you and im sure it'll end on you. i love you now and i'll love you forever ..


  2. @AW wow so sweet, thanks for dropping by :) xx

  3. oo la la!!
    nice attempt there.... write more fiction :)

  4. @WarmSunshine thanks for bucking up :)

  5. Iqi , if I can call you so :), this was really fantastic for a first attempt . Actually one of my friend had such similar experience , but sadly his love couldn't succeed . As I was reading this , it reminded me of him and made me wonder for wonderfully capturing those feelings , and that too first time! Kudos ! Keep writing :)

  6. @Aarti thanks for dropping by :) Sad for your friend but at same time I will say that one should never be afraid of falling in love again. Hope your friend will find someone else :) Take care xx

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  8. Thanks sweety. I will surly stop by your blog :) x


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