Monday, January 10, 2011

There is no fresh start

Betty : "I wanted a fresh start, okay ! I'm entitled to that!"
Henry : "There is no fresh start ! Lives carry on"

There was a time and still it happens at times life gets too complicated. I've no idea why it happens like this. I go to bed anxious and wake up anxious at intervals throughout the night. There come those days when I don't want to get out of bed and deal with the crap of world. Those are the days when I play out the fantasies in my head;I will leave this place...I will settle somewhere else...I will leave everyone behind...I will not care anymore...I will find myself again...Fresh new start... But then reality pops out and tells me how bizarre it all is. Yes Henry was right, there is no fresh start in life. All we can do when life threatens to tear us down, is pick ourselves UP, take the high, face the dawns of life.

I turned 24 now. What I've come to learn is there is no starting over. It's impossible to try and act if my past doesn't color present. I'm trying to move on, I'm trying to deal with it as it comes, to take it slow and attempt to work out the many conflicts and obstacles.

I hope that the end result will be better than the beginning had been!



  1. inshallah they will be.. hang in there.... and when u feel a lil' weak... know that we are here for you!!


  2. @WarmSunshine.. Lovely I know you guys are always by my side. Fortunate to have you in life :) xxx

  3. i always want to have a restart button in life as i ve in my lappy .. life wud be so easy if we can change our past .. :(
    its quite sad !!! :s

  4. may your efforts find bright results.
    look, the point is actually a fresh start in a lot many ways...needs a complete change in perspective, surrounding and viewpoints at times...and this state is hard to attain.
    Plus... it might seldom start with a few lies too, the ones told to ourselves

  5. @PULKIT Thanks for wonderful words to make me high :)

  6. May your continuous fight with faith in Almighty find bright results for you! [Ameen]
    Masha’ALLAH! Lucky you, you came to know all this at the age of 24 [Belated happy birthday to you, stay blessed always with family & friends (Ameen)] I'm already an uncle but still busy in unfolding life mysteries and counting of blessings :-)
    One can have a fresh start if he/she takes each day as a reward from almighty. Another opportunity to do something good :-)
    Recently my friend gave me a beautiful advice;
    Alphabet "O" stands for Opportunity which is absent in 'yesterday', available once in 'Today' and thrice in 'Tomorrow'. Stay Positive. :-)  Don’t you think this should be your facebook status :D

  7. @Wasif thanks a bunch for encouraging comment. The beautiful advice touched me though. Oh yes, I will set it as fb status. Stay blessed, thanks for dropping by :)

  8. @Iqra: Oooops not again :D *thanks a bunch* *my pleasure* game will start :D
    Barik-al-ALLAH! Stay blessed! :-)

  9. point is that in umpteenth time, where happiness speaks its own way and only thing you can think off is beautiful valley ahead, and few moments that make you feel that you have lived life instead of all miseries; is the time to savour and cherish. life could have been alot boring if it went like a static line with no beep no ups and down..

    best time is ahead and we have already lived and experienced no matter how hard circumstances were you need a pat at back therefore ..


  10. @Humaira, Thanks for dropping by. Have a happy day :) xx

  11. I m sure the end will be much better than the start. Just be +ve about life and keep smiling. :)

  12. @Ria yes lovely I'm hopeful end will be much be better, thanks for dropping by :) xx


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