Friday, January 14, 2011

We're hittin' the weekend

Happy Friday ! At last we're hitting the weekend, oh yeah this week was hilarious. I was busy with so many things and now I'm tired and I need lots of rest :-) I am thinking about a comfortable bed and spacious bedroom, it's making me sleepy. Talking about bedroom reminds me about my dream bedroom, how I wish it could be the same for me in future *wink wink*. I always loved a spacious bedroom and for me black and white interior goes so well with it. I love black furniture but on other hand to make it spacious white goes awesome with it. This is so cheerful for me that I can't really think of any other color which fly with this blend. For summers I need darkness to avoid sunlight and my dreamy bedroom fulfill my needs and it goes well enough for winters as well. The white adds flavor to winters, made me think of snow. I wish to fall asleep and wake in the bedroom shown below *sigh*

Hope you all have lovely weekend ahead. Oh yes, why wait for weekend to have fun ? Start it now the very moment, keep smiling.

Love ya all,


  1. u r talking abt ur dream bedroom on ur blog giving me inspiration to describe mine. =D
    i never like this hi-fi well decorated rooms, but not the messy one. the pic u put on is what to say *ZARORAT say ZIADA* sophisticated bedroom.. =))
    and yea weekend is there but i wanna go out this week, think and plan something cool for me. im sick of my bed now =D

    love you .. cheers .. !!

  2. @AW Thanks for dropping by :) I loved bedrooms like this elegant and subtle. U should make some plan with WarmSunshine, I wish I could take u away somewhere :( Love ya xx

  3. ahem.... agar silwatien parr gayeen to?? :P

  4. @WarmSunshine salwatein par gain tu Mein thek kar don ge :P :D

  5. hum theek kar dain gay .. buhahahahhahahahahaahha =Pp


  6. loved the pic of ur bedroom :P

    Have a happy weekend :)


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