Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If you wish to be happy

Lately I realized that there is no point wishing that things would get easier. The only thing you need to do is being ready for whatever may happen sooner or later.
Life is hard, there are ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Nothing is permanent but nothing is lost. Hold on tight and enjoy your ride.




  1. definitely girl... you are absolutely right... God tests us... let's be prepared to come up to His expectations :)


  2. @WarmSunshine Yes, we should prepare ourselves for every challenge. Thanks for dropping by :) xx

  3. Adaab Iqra, hope life treats in all its glory colors of sunshine in every day of your and whatever you said is very true Iqra, :)

    BY the way... I have noticed, beautiful use to pictures with your posts dear, make sure you put picture source links.... some where along with your posts, as a lot of works, of such photographs are at times copyright bound and specially if you are using devaintart.com type websites :) make sure, it never brings back any such issue :) take care sis! god bless

  4. @Neeha Thanks for dropping by and liking it :) xx

  5. @PULKIT oh thanks for reminding me. I'll must put them up from next time. Have great day :)

  6. Very well said dear!! I guess thats how its meant to be.

  7. @Ria thanks for dropping by :) xx


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