Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is granted once, live it to fullest

My office colleagues are planning to have a day out trip. Yes, finally they are going to have some fun on farm house having BBQ party along with same games like Cricket, Badminton and Cards etc. I myself truly like such activities, one should go out from office atmosphere to have some fresh air and just relax. No worries about software builds which are in list to release by the day end, just live in the moment and enjoy yourself. 

Sometimes I think that we; who are doing jobs are all tensed up with projects every time, as writers we are tensed with those statistics of getting published and become familiar that we sometimes forget that writing or doing job is really a part of our life. I am not saying that it is not important, it is an important part for sure. For me writing is now as important as my job, it is something I love to do, something I am passionate about it, but lately I also realized that life should not revolve around few things. Life should be full of other things to enjoy as well.

So always remember to live a FULL life. I suggest this to my own-self as well because I am also not a kind of person who enjoy life to fullest. So take time out for yourself, have fun and relax. 

Add life to your days, not days to your life

P.S I was having too much work to do, thanks to my T.L who granted me some time to do a blog post :P



  1. We are nothing but corporate slaves of the modern era :(

    Never the less one should try to be happy too iqra try to live to the best and be happy :)

  2. @Muzzammil ya I agree with you we are slaves of this era, thanks for wishes :)

  3. very correct...Go and enjoy your day...Have blast :)

  4. aray yaar,,, tell u what... id give anything to go on a looonnnnggggg trip now :(

    have fun with ur frnds and colleagues :)

  5. @Meqsi I'm going on long long trip on 26th :) Can't go with colleagues though :) xx


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