Thursday, March 31, 2011

Realizations of life

With the passage of time as we grow older our realization about life becomes deeper. Sometimes we just turn up with everything. We want to go back to our past when the only man in our life was Dad, and only best friend was Maa and all the pains were healed with chocolate, ice creme or toys. 

Then at some point you will realize that you have done much for someone, and now is the time to stop. Leave those people alone and walk away from them. It doesn't mean you gave up or you are tired of doing good, it's just you draw a line which should not be crossed. This is a cruel world, I have learned that promises are not contracts, words are no guarantee and nothing is permanent in life. What is truly yours will eventually be yours no matter how far it is. Nothing is permanent in this world, yesterday you cried, today you are sad but tomorrow you will be strong. 

Believe you me this is not a perfect world and this is not a perfect life but it can be near to perfect. Just follow your heart and live the life you want. Life won't wait for you forever, so never let everything pass by you. And most important don't be afraid to risk and get hurt. Cm'on if you don't risk something how come you will have something ? Charming Prince ain't that easy to find ;)

Until next time


  1. Yep charming prince aren't that easy to find:(
    And we understand life better when we overcome hurdles & realize the pain.

  2. @Neeha Yeah I agree, at that time we come to know what actually life is. Thanks for dropping by :) x


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