Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gold is cold, wear some artificial one

The title of post may reflect to a saying grapes are sour :P I can't have gold why not try some artificial rings. But guess what they are equally expensive. Oh God, bless me with credit card having no limit :P Now days I am all after the finger rings. I am loving the stone rings a lot but jewelery is costly over here and so I can't spent money purchasing them. But yeah, I can still do some window shopping which I usually do on and off. Back few years I used to have a collection of them and I used to wear them more often. Then suddenly I left it all over but yet again I am after rings. I have been reading about it somewhere that not every ring does suits you. Like so many things affect it, the length of hand and fingers, shape and length of nails. For long fingers marquise shape rings will go best. I may refer it to one of my friends Madiha, she used to wear one and I always loved it because she got long fingers :)

I want to have this lappy, right now eyes are on it :P

The rectangular shaped rings go well for girls with short fingers. The marquise style will also give a look of long fingers and rectangular styled rings will always blend with it. I mostly go off with rectangular styled rings.

The small and delicate rings goes with all fingers no matter they are short, long, narrow or wide. So when there is no choice wear the delicate small rings and you will enjoy.

Girls, which one you like of them ?

Vi Ses,


  1. i prefer artificial jewelery over gold any day!! :) love 'em

  2. Nice post :)
    I loved artificial jewelery too especially the one sell at Anarkali, Lahore around 25Rs. each :D

  3. @WarmSunshine Oh that's great. Now days m craving for em. I hope to grab good ones once I am back to Pakistan :) xx

  4. @Wasif Thanks :) You got well idea about the prices Hmmmm *looking here and there* :D

  5. Cool rings really like this post thanks for sharing.

  6. @Life For Rent Thanks for dropping by :)


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