Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wind Chimes - Music of Nature

Today I was passing by a shop and I saw bundle of wind chimes present inside. I'd not help myself going inside, looking them and touching them to hear the melodious music they play. I have always loved wind chimes since I first saw them. If I flash back I reckon I saw them back 7-8 years or might be even earlier. It doesn't matter when I did saw them but I fell in love with their sound. I'd wish nothing else to hear than the wonderful music which they play when their is a gentle breeze in the air, and the loud rhythm they make when storm is near to hit. I love it when windchimes Chimes when its rainy and create that soothing sound which no instrument can play on earth. Have you ever noticed that wind chimes plays different sound every time, they always seems me closer to nature like birds who chirp and utter melodious sounds. I wish to have a beautiful garden which I can decorate with wind chimes, which when play will bring a smile to my face. 
I can still recall my Dad getting mad at me for hitting the wind chimes every time I pass across them but I can't help my fingers touching them so that I can hear the music :) 

Do wind chimes make you happy or annoyed ?

Vara Glad,


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