Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrating my 50th blog post

I am so glad today. I have reached my 50th blog post today. It took me almost 4 months to achieve this feat. In this journey some of my friends supported me and encouraged me greatly. I'd like this opportunity to say sincere thanks to WarmSunshine and 3ye who spent their time teaching me the abc's of blogging. Before writing this post I was thinking to postpone this idea till 100th but why should I postpone happiness and celebration when I'd have it now :)  

I started writing this blog when I was having nothing in mind. I must say I am not that much of creative thoughts type person. I used to read blogs since long but never thought of having one of mine. After I started I was confused as how others are having so much followers, how they grab such awesome awards etc etc. After few days of blogging and having few followers I thought to quit it because at that time followers and comments meant much to me. I was not having followers to read me and gifts in form of comments to unwrap. Time passed by and then I realized two things which I'd like to share with all of you. 

FIRSTLY, blogsville is not a materialistic world and that we've to win some competition by having followers and comments. It's just to share yourself with you and let people know what you feel.

SECONDLY, it taught me never to give up. At times we think about quitting, seems like nothing is good, journey seems long. But only thing I can say is never quit, because once you quit it's the time you fail. The key to success is never giving up, work hard and fight until you reach your goals. Believe in yourself and there you go... I applied this and got two digits followers, comments on posts and an award too :)

Thanks to all the lovely people who stopped by and left gifts for me (:

Keep Smiling,


  1. Congrats :) the hard work always pays off and the best work always come out when you do it for no reason other than thats just what you wanna do. Good going and best of luck :)

  2. Keep blogging!!
    And don't give it up:)

  3. aww congratssssssss !!!
    and thanks hun for mentioning me ..
    lub u <3

    it's so right that there is no races, we type here when we feel like to.. !! I can share everything and fo sure it always help me at least a loads. thats why i love blogging..
    keep it up ^_^

  4. Masha'ALLAH, Congrats :)
    Thanks For Sharing The Faith And Keep Sharing :)

  5. @n0m1 Thanks for dropping by, yeah hard work always pays off :)

  6. @Neeha Thanks dear for giving me first award too :) xx

  7. @AW Lub u too :) xx Yeah dear you always helped me in blogging, keep helping :P

  8. @Wasif Thanks for dropping by and sharing nice thoughts :)

  9. Congrats Iqri... Thanks for the credits but you had a blogger in you all along :)

    I loved this post... one of your best! Hope you keep getting more and more gifts :)

  10. @WarmSunshine Thanks dear :) xx

  11. Congrats dear!!And keep going at it.


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