Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You know it's love - 2

You are my charming Prince and I'm your devoted Princess....

She took a deep breath and carried on. You know it was really unexpected, my soul got a connection with you. You stole my loneliness and gave me companionship. My heart was unaware that it was wishing for you, you unlocked the doors of my heart. Deep inside I hoped you'd enter. Looking into his eyes she whispered, your eyes are my passion, and your voice is my addiction. These sweet words left a smile on his face..

He holds her lady's hand gently yet firmly so that no one could take her away.  And I recalled the time we spent together sitting together and talking about different things. I'd still close my eyes and think about that day you were furious at someone. That was the time I looked at you closely, I'd see your expressions, annoyance and the eyes which were looking more shiny. It was one of those moments which made me fall for you. It made me realize it's not your makeup nor those lovely hairs, its the gorgeous girl underneath it that amazes me, and you my love are what beautiful is ! She blushed with happiness and covered her smiling face :)

For all those who are joining now, its the sequel of a fictional post I wrote before. You can catch the first part here (:



  1. aww lub u fo writing this :<$

  2. haaye la!! sho romantic! :P ahem... hehehehe! nicely written hun!

  3. @WarmSunshine thanks for liking love :) xx

  4. This felt so good to read. :) Loved it!

  5. Such a pretty post :)

    Liked it.


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