Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guys, It's been a while

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I was feeling bad for not updating it but the work, projects and research had all my time. I am little not feeling that well too. I know festive month is around us and everyone is busy in preparing themselves for the Christmas ahead. Well, I am all waiting for the upcoming week to end up with small Christmas Eve and then few days off from work. It's been so hectic in last couple of weeks, guess a small break would be nice. Anyhow, didn't asked about you guys. Hope everyone is fine and not missing my musings that much ;-)

Now days I am very much into learning some new Swedish words. Oh, did I mentioned earlier about FIKA? I think I have not and wonder why I didn't. Anyhow, Fika is kind of tea and mostly scheduled after lunch. The happiest part of my day is when a message pops up in Outlook saying "Fika at 3.00pm". It usually includes coffee or tea with some baked goodies. It is really a perfect excuse to get out of work and chit chat with friends. Anyone up for Fika? ;-)

2011 is going to end and countdown has begin. This year was definitely the most important one in my life. Alhamdullilah, I have accomplished all my milestones. I will soon share my journey of 2011 and new year resolutions as well. Have you guys already wrote new year resolutions, if yes share them with me.

Ikra reporting live,
Have great weekend ~ Doodles


  1. Me miss your writes :)
    I am glad ur year was great :)
    Mine was worse...I wish 2012 i can fulfill all that i set to do.....Wish a great one for u too :)
    And keep writing :)

  2. Lady hold on tight and I know your 2012 will be awesome :) Hugs xxxx

  3. Iqra,

    How are you feeling now? Fika is not FEEKA( sugarless ), I hope. I am sure that you will meet all challenges in 2012 also and excel at whatever you take up.

    Take care

    PS : I was wondering why you did not post anything for these many days.

  4. Uncle, exactly it's not FEEEKA :P I hope same that I will meet all challenges, fingers crossed. I am busy now days so can't find much time to blog :-/

  5. @Agnes I am so glad to see you dropping by my space. Happy new year to you too :) xxx


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