Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't take things for granted

"Don't take things for granted because life and death is separated only by a thin line"

It is a slow rainy day today. Its been raining since night and still it is same. Since last night I am thinking that we don't thank ALLAH for his enough blessings. We don't appreciate the small things in our life, we take them for granted. Don't go far and just think about water. Think for a while, if there would be no water life will become a battle for survival. How many of us are thankful to the creator of this universe for his utmost blessings? Make a habit to must thank ALLAH when you get up in morning and at night when you are on bed. May our creator forgive us and always bless us, AMEEN

Happy weekend :)


  1. Thought provoking!
    Jazak-al-ALLAH-al-Khair for kind reminder :)

  2. @Wasif May all of us become his obedient slaves and thank him more often, AMEEN

  3. Thoughtful post indeed hun!! I'm going to write my next thank you note now ;)

  4. This is a beautiful way to thank ALLAH. I checked your blog on nominations, enjoying your posts!

  5. @WarmSunshine I am waiting to read a thankyou note on your blog :) Hugs xxx

  6. @Sara thanks for appreciation :) xxx


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