Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fairy tales, I'm in love with

I may seem a strong girl from outside but at heart I am a girl who still believe in fairy tales. I myself say I am very realistic, I take on everything with open eyes and ponder on all ground realities. But, when it comes to me and some of the free time I own, I love to watch TV serials but, only those which are based on love stories. Girl dreaming of charming Prince :) I know I may sound insane but yes that's what I am. I can say with absolute certainty that huge number of girls on this planet still believe in fairy tales. If I flash back in memories, I could still recall some dialogs from the famous Cinderella story. When asked by Son, Do fairy tales come true his Dad responded NO but, dreams come true. Do we dream like that? 

 It was late at night when she was not feeling well. She was not caught in some life taking disease but yet she was afraid. She wanted to tell him how much she loves him. She was so restless as if it will be the last time when she will tell him how much she loves him, beyond words. She was by his side, turned towards him and holds his arm. Her grip was strong, she wanted to feel secure and safe. He woke up immediately asking if she is still awake. She started crying asking him so many things, telling him how much she loves him. 
"You know how much I love you, right? I love you beyond words. I trust you more than my own existence. I have such firm belief on you that you will bring me back from mouth of death. Promise me you will be always by my side. Promise me you will never leave me alone!"  

He took her hands in his own and gave her a smile.  
"I know how much you love me, why you are talking like this? I can see a long joyous journey of us, a journey that will have challenges, a journey where we won't always feel good, but a journey full of joy, happiness and love. I can't promise that there won't be any hurdles along the way. I can't promise that there won't be any disappointments, or shattered dreams, or set backs and heart ache along the way. What I can promise is a shoulder for you to cry on or sleep on, a chest to weep into or bury your face into, arms to rest in and hand to help you back to your feet, a hug to comfort you, ears to listen you, a  temper to reign you. I can offer you my everything even the last sip of my coffee and last bite of my chocolate. What I can offer is ME and I am always with YOU".

I haven't wrote something fictional from ages. So the above is a short one on fiction. Hope you enjoyed.

Doodles :)

A write-up for Sunday Scribblings - Fairytale


  1. Iqra,

    Read 6 pending posts. Set Fire To The Rain, Haiku as well as Autumn Sadness show real sad heart. I agree if dark was not there we would not have appreciated light. You go to office on cycle, so good. I used to do that way back, I am sure you were not even born then. We should always thank God for all blessing showered on us but most of us do not. One should never stop dreaming as it is only way to motivate us to make full hearted efforts to achieve what we dream of. Be it Fairy Tales also.

    Take care

  2. Uncle it's always good to read your lovely comments. Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Beautiful... right from the heart.... you should write fictions more often :)

  4. @WarmSunshine I will write them :) Hugs xxx

  5. Reading ur fiction made me smile 4m my heart :)) keep on writing such things, taking us to a world of sweet dreams :)) GOD bless u. love

  6. Anum thanks for dropping by my space :) I will definitely write more of it. Love too xxx

  7. I like how you infer that we can't offer perfection, but we can offer ourselves:)

  8. He is a little verbose for an ardent lover. But each to his own. There is one saving grace that is the proof of the undoubted love he has for her by giving her the last bite of his chocolate.

  9. @Gwen Thanks for dropping by :) xo xo

  10. @Oldegg I am glad to find you on my space again :)

  11. Thanks zongrik :) Hope to catch up often on my space.


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