Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Future - No one knows what will happen

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, breath in and breath out. Absorb the beauty of everything. Smell flowers, listen to the chirping birds, look at the amazing sky, feel the pouring rain. No one knows when you will find such moments again. Might be next moments are not the best moments in life. Life is too short, no one knows when is their last day in this world. So don't loose this chance ! 

More Later,
I Q R A 


  1. just to add few lines : be lenient and nice to others you never know when your destination crush them under the way. Find hope in everything out there. Sometimes it is in meaning less smile; sometimes it is hidden in crusty weather; sometimes it is in sullen face that's an epitome of long sojourn.

    take care.

  2. A nice thought Iqra... and nice additions Humaira :)

    tc hun!! xoxo!

  3. @Humaira That's wonderful lines you added. Its we who need to find hope in small things :) X

  4. @WarmSunhine Thanks sweety :) Xo Xo

  5. Iqra,

    Read 2 posts now. One should only try to stop what is going to harm others or humanity as whole. We should welcome change and adapt to it. This one is a true fact. I have undergone such experiences a few times as it is just not know what is coming next. One should be thankful to God for blessings we have, enjoy those and be kind to others. Humaira has added some very much needed ones.

    Take care

  6. in simple words... live the present... enjoy the moment :)

  7. Long time no new write up ? I hope every thing is fine with you.

  8. nice thoughts :)
    Sometimes u need all this only :)

  9. @Hamza Thanks for joining my blog :)


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