Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Believe in something

Believe in the power you have
Believe in fairy tales
Believe in the new beginning
Believe in what you deserve
Believe in your dreams
Believe in your heart
Believe in the beauty of tomorrow

Believing yourself will change your life,
I Q R A (:


  1. What an uplifting post! I like your new layout :)

  2. Beautiful...

    And totally my type. I am strong believer of khudi and everyone should preserve theirs :)

  3. Iqra,

    Read 3 pending posts now. So true, it is in our hands to add colours to our life to feel happy. Good pictures. Shoes do matter, right pair makes one achieve wonders as you said in the beginning of the post. Believe in own self is the very first basic step to reach goal. Unless you have faith in yourself, you can never achieve anything. Very motivating post.

    Take care


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