Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding happiness in small things

If we look around we would realize that we have so much to be thankful for. Happiness is settled deep inside our hearts and we need to find it in small things. Today on way to office I was thinking what those things could be. For me it is in different small things as; waking up with the sun when rays try to make their way inside room, waking up without alarm, watching when someone is feeding birds in garden, smiles from people whom I even don't know, being happy knowing that soon it will be weekend, bursting out my laugh for no reason, writing with colored pencils, hearing from my bestie when I am missing her a lot, knowing that God is always with me if there is no one else, wearing flip flops on sunny day, treating myself with my favorite food, reading some excellent blog post that leave a smile on my face, finding money in my old clutch, spending every day thinking soon I will be visiting home... And list goes on and on !

Beauty is in everything and happiness is the secret to beauty!


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  1. doodles? you mean noodles, right? / anonymous reader


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