Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dear You,

.........Isn't that so many days that you are out of scene. There is no one in this world who understands me as much as you do. There isn't any good listener than you to whom I  can tell all happenings of day. There is no one who really knows why I have to shop something every other day. There is no one whose eyes lights up when I suggest something extremely bad with laughter. There is no one who make those small wishes to me. There is no one who knows why I didn't laughed the whole day. There is no one who knows how tough it is at times with all life stuff. There is no one who knows when and why I am angry. There is no one who knows almost everything about me. Come back soon !

Confessions of me to myself


  1. hmmm your feelings nicely portrayed. nice picture makes me think of hundred of other things.

  2. Iqra,

    Read all pending posts. It does happen that we think of contradictory things at times. Photograph is Mother's Love was so beautiful saying so much without a word. Surely you will experience it. Happiness is in own hands and we should not miss being happy at small things. One has to be at peace with self as that is what keeps one going. Why are you in such state of mind, would you like to share? I hope and pray that you come out of it soon.

    Take care


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