Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over with a mini break

Back 1 month or so I posted something like I am back to blogging. Was that true? Well it is just like sometimes you can manage your personal and professional life well. But other moment some of them has to take a back seat. So in my case case blogging had to take a back seat :) I was away from blogging for number of reasons, none of them were a good excuse though. I was out of routine because I hit a busy period professionally and personally. I always thought I will get back to it tomorrow, then tomorrow turns to next week and eventually next week to next month *Sigh*

Hopefully this time I will become a good blogger again. As my sister said she used to read many blogs but she find mine as truly different. I don't know if it was a way to keep my heart and spirits up *Rolling Eyes*. I am happy and life is no less than beautiful.

Look for the dreams that keep coming back,

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