Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Reminders

Most of the days it's the little things that make me miss my home badly. Cracking jokes with my brother and sisters, rain in the summers, long talk over small issues, deciding which flavor of ice creme will come today.

I just want to sit with my University friends and complain about the classes scheduled in summers * I hope all my girlies who are reading this knows this :P * I want to eat fries together with them, I want to laugh with my friends :)

I miss all these things every single day.

But it's okey, there is a charm in this state as well. A few months down the road and I will see all of you.

Yes I will (:


  1. I understand, having moved from family and friends to a state, for work, where I knew not one soul. Yet, sometimes that is when the greatest work is done within us. Have a lovely Saturday ~ Alexandra

  2. I totally get what you mean. There are a lot of things I miss from long ago, I especially miss my life when I was in school, life seemed less complicated as compared to the corporate world that I am living in now.

  3. Iqra,

    Read all pending posts. Good quotes on writing. One should always feel free to share what is in mind by penning it down. Beautiful photographs and I agree that women are force behind whatever goes on. It is so right that one should keep in mind that life is too short to waste away in egoistic ways. One does miss home or friends when away. I am sure you will settle down soon and when you visit home you will enthral your near & dear ones with tales of this place. Where are you presently?

    Take care


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