Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring of Sweden

Finally spring is here! From many days I was reading in newspapers that spring is around the corner but although tried I could not find THAT corner. Since I moved to Sweden I now came to know that definition of spring varies from country to country or maybe only I think like that. However, I am not glad to tell I don’t heart the spring of Sweden as I do of my country. I have to live with this fact that it will not be THAT cold but still cold. I don’t have to wear THOSE fluffy warm jackets but still jackets will be on. May be I am just being skeptical. Nonetheless, at least I am out of those dark days and ultra dark nights. Here is to Sweden, to spring and to colors, cheers!

Life is short, buy colorful dresses, eat ice-cream and enjoy the spring !



  1. Ikra,

    Visiting you after a long long time. Well, each country has own charm for each season. Wish you all the Best for your stay in Sweden.

    Take care

  2. Yes, spring does vary from country to country :-). I hope you are enjoying yours.

    And this is a lovely photo :-)


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