Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's been a while..

It's been a while since I said 'Hello' to my place. Since I got some emails lately asking me if I quit writing or I am dead or caught in some accident and what not :) So, to all of you out there - No I am not dead, I am not caught in any accident either. I am just investing myself fully in my work and language school. Moreover, the winter blues cast a spell on me and I could not make anything possible in terms of writing. For my lovely followers I must tell I do read your blogs if not everyday then some days at least. I don't leave any comments but yes I love all of you.


Isn't February month of love? Love what you have and don't take things for granted!

Xo Xo,


  1. I miss reading you girl :) Come over and write once a while :)
    And glad to see life doing fine :)

  2. I hope to read more of you soon :-)

  3. I miss your short posts and haikus :)

  4. And I,m reading your blog for the first time. they are awesome like you. . . . :)Except me as your pupil, my Master.
    your cousin Muhammad Ali ;)

    1. Thanks a lot for reading it. It's been a while I didn't wrote anything, I have lot to do and sometimes 24 hours seems too short. I must mention I can't sacrifice my sleep :P


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