Friday, February 3, 2012

No brain cells for cricket

A conversation between me and my colleague about cricket. Please note this country don't have any cricket team and they don't know much about cricket except that it is played with a bat and a ball :)

ME: You know Pakistan smashed England in test match(wide opened eyes)
HE: Oh great, but I don't know much about cricket.

ME: Ya, I know many Swedes don't understand this.
HE: So, what is a test match?

ME: (Stressing my brain) Ummm it's a 5-days long innings and played between two teams. And rest there are so many rules.
HE: Ahhh quite long.

ME: Yeah, but it is fun too (passing little smile)
HE: Umm so, how long is the real match then?

ME: (Little confused) What you mean by real match?
HE: Yeah, if TEST match is 5 days long, then real match must be very long.

ME: Taking a long breath and unable to say anything more :P

Keep Smiling,


  1. Iqra,

    One can not have a hearty discussion with someone on topic unknown to him or her.

    Take care

  2. :) he he he made me laugh this one :) so true somehow the test matches dont attract that many people nowadays ..


  3. haha..hard for poor swedes to understand cricket :)


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