Thursday, January 12, 2012

I want spring now !

Seriously, enough is enough. Now I need spring. I am kind of sick with bone chilled winds followed by rain showers. Do I tell you, I have been looking forward to spring since it was ended in last year. I am lucky to born in a country where you get enough sun everyday and you don't crave for it. I rejoice winters and snow but temperature should be normal. I know I am being insane now. But yes that is how I like winters. Are you looking forward to the spring ?

All I wish is a glimpse of sunshine with a warmer weather..

Until next,


  1. Iqra,

    Who doesn't? It is nice to enjoy winters but when winds pierce through clothing, it does make one stick to indoors which many of us do not have the luxury to or like it.

    Take care

  2. WarmSunshine you will see spring soon, but I have to wait and the weather is unpredictable even then :-/

  3. I am sick of too much chill too...but then I dont like summers too..spring with slight chill is nice :)

  4. well sadly i dont think winter has come fully this year in my part of the world so dreading when it comes with full force ..

    it is getting chiilier day by day though

    and yes so looking forward to the spring and sunshine


  5. @Lady Whisper summers in my part of world are great ;) xx

  6. @Bikramjit I had enough of chilled winters now :(


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