Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Even miracles take a little time

Do you remember praying for a miracle when you feel you had not done well in exam ? And when somehow you are passed you feel so happy and thanks GOD for showing his miracle ?

I am wishing for miracles in life, but I guess they take a little time. I am waiting, waiting to get home get into bed and outburst everything. Nothing is wrong, but nothing is right either. I don't know why but I am tired, tired of  keeping up the spirits, tired of thinking that just few more days and everything will be fine. I know I have to be strong for my own self because no one is going to fix it for me, but I am tired of being strong. For once I want it to be easy, I want it to be simple to tackle. 

 I am still hopping, I am still wishing, I am still staying strong, with tears in my eyes I am still fighting ...

Until next time,


  1. hang in there! you are a strong person and you will make it through insha'Allah! :)

  2. I think it is the waiting that makes us stronger. I'm sorry for your pain and encourage you to remain strong.

  3. Here's hoping all your wishes come true. :)

  4. When you work hard and give it your all ... you don't need a miracle 'cuz then you get your reward. Yours is just around the corner :)

  5. @WarmSunshine Need prayers love, I don't want to give up x

  6. @Josh Thanks for paying a visit. I agree the wait makes us stronger but the time spent in waiting is difficult to cope with. Thanks for wishes :)

  7. @Cardinal Thanks for prayers and wishes :) x

  8. @n0m1 Hoping the same, thanks for dropping by :)

  9. Iqra,

    You said it right that it is the person who has to solve his or her problems at own self. One may seek guidence but onus of coming out of difficult situation solely rests with self. I am sorry that you have some disturbing difficulty and can only pray that it gets solved soon. However I can offer my unbiased view due to my own experience in life, if you desire. If so, my id is in my profile. Choice is entirely yours.

    Take care

    PS : BTW you are at place where I was born long long ago.


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